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Leading Jesus' Way

"Be ready to radically change your life and your approach to leadership. The results speak for themselves, but the true value of Mark Deterding's faith-based servant leadership training is the positive impact you will have on people's lives within your sphere of influence."
Tom Schabel | Owner & CEO, Alexandria Industries

About the course

Do you understand your true purpose, as a leader?

Most executives haven't been supported to gain this understanding. That's why they struggle to find success, significance, and soul-deep satisfaction in their leadership roles.

Soul-deep satisfaction. Can you imagine what that feels like?

According to leaders who have taken this course, it feels like this:

"Life-transforming." ~ Jeremiah Swor, Biology & Chemistry Professor, Alexandria Technical College

"Like nothing I've experienced before. It has changed my life." ~ Michelle Gist, Corporate Trainer, Alexandria Industries

"The most worthwhile work that I have ever participated in." ~ Tim Cullen, Owner & Founder, Cullen’s Home Center

After completing Mark Deterding's Faith-based Servant Leadership Training, you too will experience soul-deep satisfaction. You'll achieve this satisfaction through learning to model one of the most significant servant leaders of all time, Jesus Christ.

You will become the servant leader God intended you to be.

As you transform your leadership through service and faith, the people you lead will change in response to you. They will be liberated to serve one another, support one another, and fulfill their God-given potential. When this happens, there will be a moment when you lean back and take in the sheer joy people are experiencing in your workplace.

In this moment, you will experience soul-deep satisfaction in your leadership.

And the breakthrough business results you and your people will achieve?

They'll just be icing on the cake.

"Be ready to radically change your life and your approach to leadership."

- Tom Schabel, Owner & CEO, Alexandria Industries

75% increase in earnings (at 5-year benchmark of faith-based servant leadership)

"By Leading Jesus' Way, our leaders have strengthened our culture beyond measure to grow our capacities to serve and live out our mission."

- Mark Anderson, President & CEO, Knute Nelson

135% increase in sales (at 5-year benchmark of faith-based servant leadership)

"Biblical principles work! Aagard has leveraged Mark's servant leadership training to build a company that has more fun, wins more often, and better serves its customers."

- Brenton Smith, Owner & CEO, Aagard Group

108% increase in sales (at 4-year benchmark of faith-based servant leadership)

Your Instructor

Mark Deterding
Mark Deterding

In this six week online course, you will be lead by Mark Deterding, principal of Triune Leadership Services and author of Leading Jesus’ Way: Become the Servant Leader God Created You to Be.

Mark’s unique model of faith-based servant leadership was developed and refined over 30 years of leadership in the printing industry. From the shop floor to the executive suite, Mark learned first-hand that the only way to draw out the very best that people have to offer is reverse conventional leadership wisdom and instead lead like Jesus; through humble service.

Thousands of leaders have used Mark’s faith-based servant leadership model to transform their leadership style and take their own and their employees’ success, significance, and satisfaction to the next level.

"Gaining God's perspective for the purpose of my life as a servant leader has provided the energy and focus to make a true difference in my personal and professional life. You will be blessed by leading Jesus' way!."

- Peter J. Nelson, President, Glenwood State Bank

Named a "Best Company to Work For" 2 years running (at 5-year benchmark of faith-based servant leadership)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this course?
We recommend that you complete one unit of the course per week. Over the first 5 weeks you will dive into Mark’s model of servant leadership, utilizing video lectures, the text book Leading Jesus' Way, and homework assignments. Don’t worry; we’ll send you all the tools you need including both of Mark’s books - Leading Jesus' Way and A Model of Servant Leadership. The final week of the course is all about reaching the goal, your unique and actionable Leadership Portrait. Mark will be there right alongside you the whole way; hosting a weekly call to answer any and all questions on that week's content. This call will be in a conference call format on Thursday afternoons at 5:00 pm CDT.
When does the course start and finish?
The next course will launch in 2018. The course is divided into 6 one-week units. While all units are open, we highly recommend you complete one unit per week to stay on track. Remember -- each week Mark will host a call to answer questions and engage discussion on that week's content!
How long do I have access to the course?
You have lifetime access. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to all videos and worksheets from the course for as long as you like on any and all devices you own.

A Letter from Mark

If you're like many people, you may never have thought of Jesus Christ as a leadership role model. Frankly, that's because most people speaking and writing about Jesus are pastors and teachers. It's only natural that they see the Lord through the lens of their own work. But I'm a businessperson, and I look at the Lord through a leadership lens.

When I consider Jesus from a business perspective, I see that He was the perfect leadership model.

I've attended a lot of leadership training in my life, and I've read a lot of leadership books. Far too often, this learning dissipates shortly after the training. With Faith-Based Servant Leadership Training, I built something that is immediately actionable with specific tools and worksheets so that you can truly step into becoming the leader God created you to be.

Contrary to what you may believe, servant leadership is not soft. It takes dedication and a life-long commitment to serving others, measuring results, and living with purpose. Triune Leadership Services can help you discover the power of servant leadership!

The only question is, are you ready to start?

Start Your Journey Today!